Enkay 156-SC 6-Inch Sisal Buffing Wheel

Enkay 156-SC 6-Inch Sisal Buffing Wheel
Item# ENK-156-SC

Product Description

Enkay's Sisal Buffing Wheels are made up of 11 plys (1/2" thick) of stiff sisal fibers, closely stitched for an aggressive cutting action.

Enkay's sisal buffs are generally used on hard metals like stainless steel and iron to remove scratches up to 400 grit.

For best results the Sisal wheels should be used with Enkay's Black Emery Compound.

Unmounted Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels should not exceed 3,600 RPM.

All Enkay Buffing Wheels must be used with polishing compound.

Diameter: 6"

Hole Size: 1/2"

Ply: 11