Ernst 5080 7 Tool "GRIPPER" Wrench Organizer - Red

Ernst 5080 7 Tool "GRIPPER" Wrench Organizer - Red
Item# ERN-5080

Product Description

Gripper Wrench Organizers help you organize your wrenches, and securely transport wrenches to the job site.

These superior organizers provide the ultimate in tool box storage. They accommodate a wide variety of wrenches and allow for immediate recognition of a missing wrench.

Our Wrench Organizers are made from soft, flexible material. While holding wrenches secure for transportation, they also allow for easy one-handed engagement and removal of wrenches.

Holds 1/4"-5/8" and 6-12 mm Wrenches.

Dimensions: 6.25"x4.25"x1.25"