Ernst 8405M 18" Magnetic Socket Organizer Rail w/ 17 1/2" Twist Lock Clips, Blue

Ernst 8405M 18" Magnetic Socket Organizer Rail w/ 17 1/2" Twist Lock Clips, Blue
Item# ERN-8405M

Product Description

From our most versatile socket organizer line, Ernst 18" Magnetic Universal Socket Organizers come with 17 Twist Lock socket clips.

Rare Earth magnets used in our socket rails provide incredibly concentrated magnetic force. Keep your sockets upright in toolbox drawers. Magnets are recessed in the plastic rail and will not mar or scratch painted surfaces. This combination of magnetic mount and premium twist lock clips can't be beat!

The Dura-Pro Twist Lock clips still provide all the versatility you have come to expect from Ernst, now with “stay put” security. With a simple twist your sockets are firmly secured in a locked position. Twist in the reverse direction and your sockets are free to remove. The tension is a perfect medium so you do not have to fight with your sockets to lock them into place and you don’t have to worry about them being too loose. Just a simple 1/8 turn and your tools are secured.

Add, remove, and insert clips on any portion of the socket rail to fit your custom set of tools. Socket clips click into place, can be easily repositioned and installed between previously placed clips. End stops on each end of the socket organizer keep socket clips securely fastened. No other socket storage item on the market will provide this amount of options. Integrated design will work with other great products from Ernst. 96 I.D. stickers are included with each organizer for easy tool identification.

Magnetic Mount

Simple and Secure

Twist your sockets into a locked position!

Socket clips will adjust to any position.

Easy to transport

Hangs vertically for convenient storage

Made in USA

Lifetime guarantee

Dimensions: 18"x1.125"x1.175"