Milescraft 1300 Orbiter Any Angle Drill Attachment

Milescraft 1300 Orbiter Any Angle Drill Attachment
Item# MCT-1300

Product Description

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The Milescraft Orbiter is a patented design!

You can position the bit at any angle from the drill chuck to get into an infinite number of angles or positions, which allow for drilling in areas not otherwise accessible with a standard drill.

Establish the drilling angle and twist the handle to lock into place.

Reverse the handle to unlock.

Split body construction that allows each body half to independently rotate 360

Soft grip locking handle for ease and comfort when setting your drilling angle or drilling

3/8 Keyless Chuck

Compatible with most drill accessories up to 3/8

*Orbiter is intended for use with corded power drills at 1000 rpm or faster with 3/4″ and smaller twist and/or spade drill bits. Orbiter should not be used with any drill bit larger than 3/4″, any size hole saw cutters and/or any size auger style bits to avoid product damage.

**Not recommended for use with impact drivers

2 Year Home Use Warranty

We are a Milescraft factory authorized distributor.