Milescraft 1324 PocketJig100 Pocket Hole Jig Kit with Bit and Driver

Milescraft 1324 PocketJig100 Pocket Hole Jig Kit with Bit and Driver
Item# MCT-1324

Product Description

PocketJig100™ pocket hole jig allows you to connect your workpieces in a quick and timely manner or do repairs around your house. Small, compact design allows you to do applications where a small jig is required. Built-in board thickness locations for easy measurement and set-up of your workpieces, virtually eliminating the need for manual measurements. Everything you need to get started with your first pocket holes!

PocketJig100™ – Designed To Make Repairs Simple:

-No fence and the small design allows you to get into some of the smallest places to make repairs to many joints.

Hardened Steel 3/8” Drill Bushing:

-For precise and accurate pocket holes every time using the Milescraft PocketBit™.

-Tight tolerances between the bushing and the drill bit, reduce tear-out and create a clean pocket hole on the first try.

Recessed Clamp Pocket with Magnet:

-Helps to keep the clamp in the same position as you move to different locations.

-With the stronger rare earth magnet, you can easily clamp the jig from one location to another.

-For speed and accuracy, use the Milescraft 3” Face Clamp™ Board Thickness Settings:

-Four common board thickness settings built into the jig: 1/2”, 3/4” 1” and 1-1/2” (12, 19, 27, 38mm).

Convenient Built-in Depth Setting:

-Easily set your bit for the correct drilling depth.

3/8″ Anti-Roll, Split Design Stop Collar:

-The split design prevents slipping of the set screw when tightened and prevents the bit from rolling.

-Includes hex key for tightening.

3/8″ HSS Step Drill Bit:

-Made from high-speed steel the PocketBit™ with 1/4″ hex shaft is designed to reduce clogging and provide smooth and precise holes'

6” Magnetic T20 Star Driver:

-For maximum torque settings without stripping.

-Allows pocket screws to align with maximum precision