SpeedTaps™ Threading Taps, Metric, 4 Piece Set

SpeedTaps™ Threading Taps, Metric, 4 Piece Set

Product Description

SpeedTaps™ Threading Taps, Metric, 4 Piece Set

SpeedTaps™ new patent-pending technology is a game changer in metal fabrication, construction, machine repair and manufacturing.

Hand tapping is a slow and tedious process that has remained unchanged for years. SpeedTaps™ drive end is designed to match bolt sizing and utilise all the advantages of common sockets and wrenches — SpeedTaps™ is sure to speed up your processes.

SpeedTaps™ work faster and last longer than traditional hand taps due to the engineered advantages.

Tests on mild steel indicate tapping 100 holes or more while maintaining the same high quality thread.

When operated with impact wrenches, SpeedTaps™ out-tap traditional methods by 14 to 1 holes tapped.

Workers enjoy using SpeedTaps™ because of it’s easy start geometry and being able to use the same wrench or socket to do up the bolts.

SpeedTaps™ is the most versatile option for the non-skilled worker allowing for further cost savings, or allowing the professional to increase productivity.

SpeedTaps™ easily outperforms in tight spaces that would be too close for working with traditional tap wrenches giving users an advantage over old technology.

Use with impact wrench, hand wrench or socket.

4 piece set includes metric sizes: M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.5, M12x1.75

Use on Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Made from M2 tool steel

Made in Canada

All sizes available individually