Trusty Cook Model 7 88 oz Dead Blow Sledge Hammer

Trusty Cook Model 7 88 oz Dead Blow Sledge Hammer
Item# TCH-7

Product Description

When you need a heavy-duty hammer to get the job done, our 88 oz dead blow sledge hammer will do the trick. With a welded steel handle, shot-filled canister, and hot-cast polyurethane, this model is a go-to for mechanics, landscapers, timber framers, oil pipeline work and riggers, and general construction applications.

A compact, versatile, sledge hammer dead blow, no-bounce, striking force.

Ideal for one-handed use in confined spaces.

Mechanics, landscapers, timber framers, and users of agricultural and heavy equipment, to name a few trades, depend on this hammer to get the job done.

**Made in USA**

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Dimensions: 20 7 2.75 in

Face Diameter: 2 3/4"

Head Length: 7"

Overall Length : 20"

Equivalent Model Numbers: Armstrong: 69-550, Cornwell: CTH-TC-7, MATCO: DBS5, SK Tools: 9205, Snap-On: BC7B, Stanley Compo Cast: 57-537