Trusty Cook Model TCDBEXT 50 OZ Dead Blow Extender

Trusty Cook Model TCDBEXT 50 OZ Dead Blow Extender
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Product Description

Call it a headless hammer or simply a sleek dead blow striking tool. Some call it a bopper or a basher.

Regardless of the name, the dead blow extender is indispensable for striking areas that are unreachable using a hammer.

You can swing it, you can pound on it with a hammer, and you’ll always get the results you want.

Two different diameters on the ends add to the versatility of this unique striking tool.

Steel canister and rod are welded together for greater strength and safety.

Shot filled canister provides dead blow action in head for sustained impact, maximum power and striking force.

Canister in head and heat treated rod in handle are fully encased in hot cast custom formulated polyurethane.

Convex faces on heads are designed for maximum dead blow non-bounce action and are cut resistant.

One Piece Polyurethane Construction.

No Exposed Metal on Handles or Heads.

No Mark, No Spark, Completely Formulated to Set a New Standard for Soft Face Performance and Durability. Eliminates Mushrooming, Splitting, Absorption of Liquids, Contamination and Chip Pick-up in Faces.

Made in USA

Weight: 3.2 lbs

Dimensions: 13" L × 2.25" Dia.

Face Diameter: 2.25 and 1.625

Overall Length: 13.10"